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Surf View Hotel is a budget hotel and is located in Male, the capital city of Maldives. The Surf View hotel is situated in front of a beach in Male’.  If you want to experience an inhabited ‘city’ atmosphere in the Maldives, then visiting Male’ is the best way.

All rooms are air-conditioned. There are two types of rooms, Standard & Sea View Rooms. There is free WIFI in the rooms. There is also room service.

This hotel is ideal for the person who is on a budget, and yet wants to stay in a hotel with a view.

About Male

The island city of Male, is the most cosmopolitan of all inhabited islands in the Maldives, and has a vibrant atmosphere with many Maldivians and Expats living in one island, in peace and harmony. Male is the central point for all commerce and industry in Maldives, therefore the island is filled with businesses, markets, shops and hotels. This island is bordered by a natural harbour which houses a row of boats and yachts and is a very picturesque sight to behold! The length of the island is 1.05 miles (1.7km) and width of .62 miles (1km), and one can easily walk around exploring within a couple of hours. The airport island is just a 15 minute boat ride away.

In Maldives, the state religon is Islam, and therefore in Male’, and other inhabited islands it is recommended that people respect local customs and wear modest clothing. Swimsuits & transparent & short/revealing clothing are not allowed in Male & other inhabited islands. However there is no restriction in the Resort islands.

If you have an early morning or late night flight and need to stay close to the airport, or if you want to experience a truly Maldivian local experience, then a night or two stay  in Male, is the ideal choice.

Available Rooms

Hotel Amenities

  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms